November 24th, 2009


It's Time To Have an Opinion on Healthcare

To Americans: Have you been following the debate? Do you know where you stand? Have you communicated your opinion to your representatives? If the answer to any of these is no, it is time to get on the ball. This matters. Congress is being influenced more by insurance companies and pharmaceuticals than they are by regular people. Even if you are no expert, you must have some basic values that you apply to the question of healthcare. If congress is supposed to represent us, we need to let them know what we believe. We have got to get more people to have an opinion and say so, including ourselves if we're not used to doing it. If we don't, our nation is headed into the deepest fascism. If you have children, or care about the young ones of others, this legislation matters even more.

Now you may think that I am a Republican. I am currently registered as one. I have been registered as Democrat and Independent too, and as far as I can tell it makes little difference what label is applied. You certainly won't be correct if you align me with Palin or Limbaugh. The neocons would label me a socialist. I support single payer healthcare for the US. My positions are not based in belief in anyone's platform, but in my own synthesis understanding of what would be most helpful to us as a nation and a people relative to where we currently stand. The labels don't apply to me because I would like us to take tools from different toolkits depending on the situation and the time. I want us as a people to be flexible enough in our thinking to avoid suicide. But right now we're headed down a dangerous path. Together.

Behind the cut is information from The Pen, which is mainly Dem in slant but often independent and insightful. This time they are working to support an option by which states can put together their own single-payer systems, and opt out of the federal plan of mandated insurance. It sounds reasonable to me. There's some info in here about how to make noise about what you believe---even if you don't agree with The Pen, or with me. I hope that you will get involved. We need you. All the people of America need you.
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