October 1st, 2009


The "Public Option"

I keep hearing about the fate of the public option in the news, and I am appalled.  We the people are smart enough to know the difference between mandatory insurance coverage and single payer care, and yet they are lumped together under this moniker.  For my part, I am opposed to anything that further feeds the corporate domination of our people, nation, world.  I would like to see a reduction in the amount of our money that is wasted on health insurance, and I for sure will vehemently oppose anything that is simply a requirement that I pay MORE for the lousy service I am already paying out the nose for.  I support a single payer system, in spite of my libertarian leanings, because it is the way that we the people can take the most money out of corporate hands.  Of course all the corporate-backed "grassroots" organizations will cry "socialism".  Screw them, they are ruining our lives.  The moneyed interests are making 1,000,000x more noise than the thinking people.  We need a real debate, and we still aren't having it.