August 29th, 2009


Placebos getting More Effective

AWESOME article. Nutshell: research has show that the biochemistry of the placebo response is due to anticipation-activated opioids and dopamine. Effects of opioids include pain relief, heart rate and breathing modulation. Effects of dopamine include improved motor function in Parkinson's. Both contribute to elevated mood, sharpened cognitive ability, decreased digestive disorders and insomnia, and lower levels of insulin and cortisol. But the whole article is well worth reading. Collapse )

Accidental Soup from Israel and New Orleans

I'm a omnivore and opportunivore. Sometimes a cheapivore though occasionally my food makes me feel rich. Tonight I opened the fridge not wanting leftover curry again and made a soup that is so good I have to write it down. The soup itself was premade: Sweet Potato Bisque from Trader Joe's. It was the garnishes that made it delish. I added feta cheese from Israel (the brand is Pastures of Eden, also at TJ), some freshly slivered basil leaves (8 or so) and a bit of sweet red pepper chopped small. In this order: Heat soup, and leave the other ingredients cool. After the soup is hot toss on basil slivers first, then feta, then red pepper bits. Sprinkle a bit of Zatarain's creole seasoning (from New Orleans) over the top, serve. YUM. Won't be an accident the next time.

I wonder how long it will be before cheese from Israel isn't worth the shipping anymore.