August 18th, 2009


Anxiety Builds about Obamacare

I can't vouch for the factuality of this report from Prison Planet, but they say that national guard troops are doing practice drills to prepare for possible riots. The scenario they are playing out is people clamoring to get flu shots, when the swine flu re-emerges in the fall. I have a hard time imagining people wanting shots that much, considering the reports that the flu isn't that dangerous, and the panic and emerging knowledge about vaccine risks. The comments on the site reflected that people were more concerned that the military might be engaged to force us to get shots when we don't want to.

It is clear to me however that this site is anti-Obama. One of the ads I saw was a T-shirt for sale that had the image of Obama's face with the eyes blacked as if he were dead, and the word fascism underneath. People who call Obama a fascist have no idea what fascism is. Shrub and his crowd were far more fascist. Obama is a social activist who so far seems unwilling to tackle the economic and environmental emergencies of our time.

I had hoped so much that things would get better, but it seems that our reality is continuing to splinter, and has several large cracks right down the middle. Until Obama starts leveling with the people again, his approval ratings are on a downhill slope.

Gun Owners Worried about Gun Confiscation: Senate Bill SB-2099

Also known as HR45: Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009

You can track the bill's progress here:

If passed this amendment would require licensure for gun ownership, tax each gun and charge a fee for sales, and require fingerprints for licensure. The bill is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986, which means that the Finance Committee can pass it without the Senate voting on it. Gun owners see any regulation as a step toward confiscation. I am not sure I agree with them. You can decide for yourself. I am interested in your thoughts.
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