August 17th, 2009


Burn Baby Burn

Arizona's burning HOT already this year.

(this pic from another fire.....flames are over 100 ft in AZ)

Did you hear about the fire in Santa Barbara, California--that was started by Mexican pot growers? This is actually another good reason to legalize pot. It we weren't so stuffy about weed, nobody would be able to get rich growing a plant in our own soil and selling it to us. And then accidentally burning down the forest, in a stoner moment in the camp kitchen.

Anusara Yoga's 12th Anniversary

...or birthday, if you prefer. August 15th marked 12 years after John Friend first penned the mission statement for Anusara yoga. He worked hard to put his vision into words, and the beauty of the vision was enough to bring many practitioners into the fold. His school of hatha yoga has quickly become widespread around the world. I am one of the many who have been enchanted by it.

Here is John Friend's blog about the beginnings of Anusara.

Also, here is Friend's writeup of ethics for the yoga teacher.

That's him in the brown T-shirt and white hair. Do you GET the joy???