July 5th, 2009


I passed; year 2 complete.

Phew. Seems like I am constantly on the edge, but I keep passing, so I guess I'm doing something right. I even got honors in a couple classes, including the one in which I was shaking so hard that it was really tough to draw blood. Phew. Now I'm officially an ND3. I am still on the 4 year track, slated to graduate in 2011 with a lot of clinical experience already under my belt. I can't relax yet. I'm studying biochemistry today, in preparation for the Basic Science Boards. August 5. I'll get to relax after that.

I will be taking the first ever case-based NPLEX exam for ND's. What this means is that instead of having five sections (pathology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology) it will have many cases each with 5 questions relating to the case. This makes it more interesting to me. I am studying biochemistry by looking up metabolic dysfunctions and understanding their chemical pathogenesis.
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