June 14th, 2009


I'm Proud of Obama

I just took the time to watch Barack Hussein Obama's Cairo speech. People disparage his "polished words" but I am overjoyed to have a president who is both educated and moral. Obama speaks for me. I agree that it is time for all peoples, all nations, all races, all individuals to cease and desist from the disrespect and violence that have poisoned our interactions. It is time to see all sides.
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NMT/Orthopedic Synthesis I: Final Exam Review

Be prepared to perform grade IV - V manipulations from this list:
1) prone rib elevation
2) prone rib depression
3) upper thoracic rotation or extension (bedside move)
4) upper rib posterior to anterior manipulation prone (bedside move)
5) supine flexion ("anteriority" move)
6) alternative positioning supine flexion ("anteriority")
7) supine rotation
8) supine rib posterior to anterior manipulation
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