May 29th, 2009


DSM-V on track for 2012 publication date

Lots of issues to resolve before then.

Dr. Narrow said that the APA has been receiving feedback from the transgender community since the work groups for the DSM-V were announced at last year's annual meeting. "There's a lot of concern about the treatment that gender-identity disorder entails and also concern about the disorder itself," Dr. Narrow said. "Is it actually a mental disorder vs a physical disorder, or is it a normal variation of human behavior?"

And some of the disputes:

The first concern here is the term "phenotypically normal" (meaning "normal" with regards to observable anatomical or behavioral traits). Thus, according to this definition, attraction to any person deemed by sex researchers to be "abnormal" or "atypical" could conceivably be diagnosed as paraphilic. So, do you happen to be attracted to, or in a relationship with, someone who is differently-abled or differently-sized? Or someone who is gender-variant in some way? Well congratulations, you may now be diagnosed with a paraphilia!

Memorial Day was this week: on Deceased US Soldiers

104,366 AMERICANS buried in Europe.

112,000 AMERICANS died during WWI

391,500 AMERICANS died during WWII

33,700 AMERICANS died during the Korean conflict

58,100 AMERICANS died during Vietnam

150 AMERICANS died during the Gulf War

4300 AMERICANS died in Iraq (to date)

690 AMERICANS died in Afghanistan (to date)

I can't vouch for the accuracy of these stats but I think they ballpark the truth, at least. The veteran who posted this clearly felt strongly about it. Being as Unamerican as I am, I can't help but to wonder how many of our enemies died? Veterans like to emphasize how many Americans died. It's about service to country.

(stats pilfered from someone on eBay re: deceased AMERICAN military)