May 24th, 2009


Pituitary Pathology

What does pituitary mean, from the Latin? (think onomatopoeia...)
to spit mucus
ptuo = to spit, pituita = mucus

What do you call a hormone that acts on neighboring cells?

Are pituitary hormones steroid, steroid type, or peptide hormones?
peptide, all of them are

What do you call the loss of lateral visual fields?
bitemporal hemianopsia

Damage to what part of the pituitary causes diabetes insipidus, and which hormone is lacking?
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The Future of Food

now less than 2% of US pop involved in farming
20th century pesticides, transport, high yield, low prices, good availability
plant breeding-->the green revolution
"systematize agriculture" and solve starvation problem
monoculture propagation-->disaster, potato famine in Ireland but not in Peru
97% of veggies grown at beginning of century now extinct
4 varieties of potatoes now being propagaged
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