March 28th, 2009


Raw Milk Black Market

A recent article on MSN says that after illegal drugs, raw milk may be the most briskly traded underground commodity in America. Have you tried it? I don't drink milk of any kind (not "soy milk" or cow or almond either) so it isn't really a big issue for me. But I am convinced that if you are going to consume anything called "milk", and you don't have the option of human milk, your best bet is fresh, raw, unpasteurized milk just as it comes from the cow.
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Political Vocabulary

OCO = overseas contingency operations budget = the new way of referring to war spending in the Obama administration. These appropriations are officially in the US budget, and will no longer be slipped in as "emergency spending", as the Shrubbery did throughout their reign. Obama's getting hammered for his big budget but those so-called Republicans (more like fascists in my view) are having a hard time getting honest about how much was spent that was not in the budget in the past.


It just poured rain. The streets are full of water and petals. The kitten just walked by, meowing. I'm sitting on the floor in the nook by the window. I worked my last security shift of the quarter tonight. It was nice, just hanging out at school with nothing much going on. Good conversations. This is why I like working security. When it's your job to just sit by a door, people may come talk to you. And you have time to talk with them. It's very reaffirming. I feel fairly isolated much of the time. It's not easy to get people to have a substantive conversation about anything. There's so much militancy out there, people are so sure they are right that they don't care to entertain other points of view. They don't want to take the time to develop their own point of view. I am lucky to have intelligent, curious, openminded people in my life.
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