March 25th, 2009



Two tests to go. I just finished the lab diagnosis final. I think I was the second person to finish it, and I did not hurry. I do not get why students take SO LONG to finish those tests. It is multiple guess. The teacher is tricky, we know that. Expect things to be worded with double negatives, or one small clause in a long answer that makes it false. Look for those. If you see one, mark it. Exclude all wrong answers. Then look at the possibly correct answers. If you have a hunch go with it. If you don't know, and don't have a hunch, just guess and keep going. Don't change your guesses, because you know more than you think you know. If the test gives you information in a later question that changes an earlier answer, change it. Fill in the bubbles with your number two pencil. Done. Pathology next.