March 11th, 2009


Good Morning

Here I am eating my eggs and grits, and Suzanne is reading the headlines to me. Mexico drug wars: five human heads in a cooler. Germany: man in military garb opens fire at secondary school. The leading line in that story was that it looked like something that would happen in America. Alabama: 27 year old man with an Irish last name kills his whole family plus a few. The only survivor was 4 months old. If the news is right. Every source has a slightly different story.

Grits and garlic still taste good. I'm comfortable in my large apartment just blocks from the homeless hangout by the tracks. But the insanity is at our door. The desperation is building. I wonder about the Alabama man. Why kill one's entire family? That angry? Or could it have been in part a mercy killing? The news says that he was a mild mannered nice fellow. Being nice on the surface does not mean a person is happy on the inside. Times are hard and getting harder. More people are going to loose it. Drugs will be increasingly valuable. And porn. I read last night that one of the few markets that is showing great gains is the "adult entertainment" sector. This is just the end of the beginning.

Moon, House, School

The moon looks awfully near to full....bright white shining in my window. Cold out there for Portland, but probably not freezing. Today did my first ever gynecological exam, both the speculum and the bimanual. I actually felt her ovary. It was one of those firsts, like drawing blood the first time, that not everybody gets. The further I get into this training the more I want to live in a state where I can legally diagnose and prescribe. What a pain it would be to be persecuted for being a good diagnostician, and punished for competing with the established corporate medical monster.
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