February 10th, 2009


Who Crossed the Aisle to pass Obama's Stimulus Package

Republican Senators
--Susan Collins of Maine (third term, now on Senate appropriations committee)
--Olympia Snowe of Maine (third term)
--Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania (12th most senior member of the senate, in office since 1981, pro choice and non-homophobe, 2005 Hodgkin's lymphoma dx last chemo in 08)

The Republicans are getting slammed by the Republicans:

A Birth Story: Blood Rejection

Today Suzanne talked with her father and her sister and found out more about the circumstances of her birth. Her mother's blood type was B-. Her father's, O+. Suzanne was a second child. So her mother was Rh-, her father Rh+, and her sister was born before they knew to test mothers and babies for Rh compatibility. Or at least before they did it in Globe. Nowadays every Rh- mother with a possibly Rh+ fetus is treated with a drug that prevents her from mounting an immune response, and protects future babies. But Suzanne's mother had no such medical advice, for her girls born 1943 and 1955.

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