February 6th, 2009


Unbalancing for Maximal Productivity

7 Ways Being Unbalanced Can Make You More Productive
from an article by Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead
Short version:
1. Embrace imbalance.
2. Let everything else slide.
3. Isolate yourself so you can focus.
4. Stop caring about anything but what really matters for your task.
5. Triage ruthlessly.
6. Disconnect from the information superhighway.
7. Quit everything that isn't really important
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Smart Shopper Report

The smart shopper of the household (not me) reports that prices went up by about a dime at Trader Joe's. Not on everything, but on a few items. Altoids, dog food, candles. Some things are the same price. Orange Juice didn't change. They have good OJ, not from concentrate and actually tastes like an orange. I sound like a commercial, don't I? Oh, the other thing that Trader Joe's is doing, is asking for your zip code every time you buy anything at any of their stores. They're doing the smart thing and studying up on who is shopping where, and how far people are coming to shop at each store. Things are changing. I wish I had invested in Trader Joe's instead of Whole Foods. But I don't know what they're doing. Does anybody out there shop at a Whole Foods, ever? Last I heard they had been renamed Whole Paycheck and I'd lost about half what I put into stock. But I haven't sold the stock. Either I'm a fool, or they're doing something smart too. I hope they're making a move. The businesses who think ahead and come into new times with new approaches may do well. I keep thinking of business ideas....molding them all into my big idea, my dream. I am grateful to one man who suggested one book who has colored my thinking. The book is called The Magic of Thinking Big.
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