December 29th, 2008


Zizziba: Ceramics and Jewelry

A friend of mine is selling handcrafted ceramics and jewelry online.....and the website looks great! I just randomly looked it up this morning to see what she's up to. Here, check it out for yourself. Maybe you will find just the right gift for someone's birthday.

These are her frog bowls, not yet glazed.

River Tales: Belly Sick Self Evacuation

One time that I was scheduled to safety boat on a Chattooga section IV trip, I didn't feel so hot. But paddling my kayak down the river and assisting the trip was physically and mentally easier for me than taking a raft full of customers, so I thought I could do it even though I was a little under the weather. I launched at the 76 bridge and escorted the trip through Screaming Left Hand Turn and Woodall Shoals. After Woodall I started feeling worse.
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