December 27th, 2008


Mammograms cause Breast Cancer

There's more data coming out all the time and the bottom line is that getting regular mammograms after age 50 will not protect you and might even do you harm. If you have a lump you want to check out, try thermography instead. Nice update here from Mercola:

River Tales: High Water San Juan with Rookies

Here's a photo of a typical river camp along the section of the San Juan where we were. Imagine however that the area that they are camped on is under 10 feet of roiling fast brown water, and you'll have an idea what it looked like that day in May. And we were in little playful whitewater kayaks, not rubber barges.

I'm still reading Deep Survival and as I read, I remember the many times on my own outings that someone could have died, but didn't. People are often unaware of how close to the edge they are walking. On the river people underestimate the hazard of high water, on the snow people forget about avalanche, in good weather people act as if the weather won't change with no notice. One of the more risky trips was relatively recent. This trip, while it turned out well, was on the very edge of disaster. Let me record what I remember about it.
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Sunshine Beats Cancer: research still coming in