November 28th, 2008


Info to help you Vote for Tolerance with your $$$

From the Human Rights Campaign, a list of businesses rated according to their support of equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They also deal to some degree with racism and other sorts of intolerance. Which to me is absolutely necessary. Some "human rights" organizations get myopically focussed on one group of people, but human rights is about ALL people.

Here is HRC's info on which businesses are most tolerant with regard to variation in sexuality and gender identity. I thank them for their research. I would like to see this info cross referenced with an environmentalist/non-consumer perspective and see how many are left in the "green" category.

Thanksgiving 2

I am grateful for:
--homemade pecan pie and popcorn
--movies on the computer
--neighborhood parks
--someone to do orthopedic exams on
--someone to snuggle with
--bright colored scarves
--being able to sing
--radiant heat
--my favorite news weekly
--filing cabinets for all my notes
--phone calls from distant friends and family
--being able to read and write

Jury Summons #2 in this life

When will it ever be a good time to be called for jury duty? I just received my first summons in Oregon and am supposed to show up in court on 12/23. Nevermind my plans to travel to AZ for xmas... Does the system accommodate professional level studies? Missing a month of classes would put me a year behind in my program, and 20K$ forward on my debt. Does that constitute an unreasonable burden? Methinks it does. I submitted that I would like to delay my service until this upcoming summer, after boards. Then I would like to be in a jury....though I suspect that I may be too educated and opinionated to be selected. The lawyers seem to reject people who have thoughts in their heads. I am as fair and open-minded a person as any accused could hope to have on their jury. If I were accused of a crime, I would hope for a jury made up of people like me.

ORTHO study notes: lumbar, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle exams

Because so many of the tests that we must perform have the names of individuals, instead of names that are descriptive of the procedures, I just went through the list and named them such that I can remind myself the content of the exam by the words that I link together. If you know the tests well enough, the word or two that I have attached to the name may help trigger your memory of the test.
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