October 24th, 2008


Medical Student Hallitosis

I have been noticing that many of the students that I am in school with have very foul breath. I was doing EENT exams on a classmate this am and his breath was enough to make me stand FAR back. One cannot be a doctor and have a killer stench emanating from the frontside. I want to say something, but so far I have kept quiet about it. I just make noise out here in the vast internet.

Rats Jump Willingly from a Sinking Ship

It seems like this could be the fatal blow to his campaign, the desertion of Charles Fried, a professor at Harvard Law School professor, from McCain's staff. Fried said he voted for Obama/Biden, and said he had done so because of McCain's choice of VP: Palin. And Colin Powell is voting for Obama. It's pretty much over now, I think, but for the voting machines and whatever desperate last move McCain's admen think up.

The List of Republicans Endorsing Obama Grows
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Your Right to Vote

Nice bit of work here, with some funky music and groovy graphics inspiring you to vote, and then some snippets from the news in Florida (in 2000) and Ohio (in 2004) and elsewhere, from actual elections here in America that were obviously FUBAR. Worth a look, I think, just to keep in mind that it is not our imagination that there has been foul play with our elections.