October 22nd, 2008


Here it Comes: The Police are Gearing UP

Some worry that if Barack Obama loses and there is suspicion of foul play in the election, violence could ensue in cities with large black populations. Others based the need for enhanced patrols on past riots in urban areas (following professional sports events) and also on Internet rumors.
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Homeopathy Irony

Today I went to the clinic for my headache which has been driving me increasingly nuts for over a week. The prescriptions were 1) a homeopathic remedy and 2) a decongestant tincture and 3) add NO DAIRY to my list of dietary constraints. I confessed my skepticism of homeopathy to the primary, and she said it doesn't matter if I don't believe, but that she was not going to tell me the remedy. And she wasn't going to, but then she escorted me up to the medicinary and I saw the scrip: belladonna. The irony: that is exactly the remedy that I studied up on a bit for a class assignment a few weeks ago. I am hoping for a cure, even though I lack belief.