October 12th, 2008


Treat the Symptoms and Nevermind the Cause: Modern Medicine at its Worst

A friend sent me this abhorrent story that illustrates how modern medicine treats symptoms (palliates) instead of seeking the cause of the malady and a cure. This woman was given a half-baked diagnosis that could have been ruled out completely by properly interviewing the patient. And the diagnosis was not just incorrect, it completely missed the severity and seriousness of the problem. How could they!? Missing diagnoses like that could be fatal! We are instructed to go for the big, obvious diagnoses first and dig deeper as we rule those out, but seriously now folks. ARgh. OK, here's the story:
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Movies: The Road to Wellville

Watched this movie last night. It was rather long, and we ran out of patience for it after a while, but it's worth viewing for any student of naturopathic medicine. It is a satire filmed mostly inside a Sanitarium reminiscent of those created by early naturopathic doctors. In keeping with naturopathic origins in central Europe, the presiding doctor (played by Anthony Hopkins) is a charismatic bigmouth who holds forth about the evils of sex and eating meat, and the value of a pristine alimentary canal.

I think the best way to view this would be with a crew of naturopathic students who are inebriated and rowdy. The music was frenetic and quite irritating by the end, and the movie was cheaply assembled and imperfect....it reminded me of the Rocky Horror Picture show, but lacked the appealing music. The most sympathetic character for us was George, a dirty bum and one of the doctor's many adopted sons. George was particularly resistant to brainwashing, and always won in battles against the doctor, though he was clearly disturbed.