October 11th, 2008


Yesterday's New Territory for the Dow Jones

I heard on the radio that the Dow set a new record yesterday. It wasn't the highest high, nor the lowest low, nor the biggest rise or fall. It was the largest range, ever. The DOW covered a range of 1,000 points, yesterday. Investors are wondering, is the market at its bottom? People are ready to swoop in and buy, because that's what you do when the market is down. But this may not be the bottom. I don't think it is. Nobody really knows.

How old your kid should be before you dose them with OTC cold meds: according to the FDA

The FDA is recommending that you don't give cold meds to kids under 4 years of age. Pediatricians had suggested setting the limit at 6 years of age, but the FDA compromised with other interests (pharmaceuticals who hope to profit from treating two more years of snotty noses) to hatch the four year limit.