October 9th, 2008



I don't exactly agree with her about America having a chance to be "back on track"....but I'll still feel relieved if Obama is elected and not McCain. I dread hearing that the neocons truly have taken over the electoral machine.....and McCain is our next president....

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I am so tired.... Seems like I get to this point by Thursday every week. Mon-Weds is such a slam. I am going home now....but I have a long long list of things I must do. So be it.

Order-Seeking Humans

Humans need to believe in something to have some sense of control in difficult times. The more confusing the situation, the great our sense of loss of control, the greater our need for understanding. The understanding that we create may be based in relatively few facts, and it may be true, or untrue. But we perceive the patterns and act based on our understanding, regardless. This link is to a 17.49 minute long Science Friday radio program that speaks to these tendencies in humans.
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