September 29th, 2008


Call to Action: Stop Congress from Destroying (what is left of) our Economy

This impressive collection of Ron Paul clips (posted by Joseph Mercola) shows that the current bailout battle is the result of a long slow process that really kicked off in 1971 when the gold standard was dropped, and our money became just paper without anything of value behind it. When money is just paper, and a central bank (the federal reserve) can print more at will, the government thinks that it can spend more money than it has. This is what has happened. The federal reserve has kept interest rates falsely low, and created the housing bubble that just popped. If we allow congress to authorize the TRILLIONS to bail out banks and other corporations, we are signing the death warrant for our own currency. We are in a recession, and headed for a Greater Depression, and it will be much worse if we allow the Bush regime to shove through a bailout like they shoved through the Patriot Act. But Ron Paul says it better than me. Check it out, and let your representatives know if you would rather that we NOT bail out every giant failing business. We, the taxpayers, would be foolish to saddle our great grandchildren with this kind of debt. It is time for average lazy Americans to pull ourselves together and stop our government from ruining the rest of our lives. NOW. Today. Call. Write. Fax. Email. DO SOMETHING. Don't just sit back and expect me to do it for you. If you are a CITIZEN you are responsible. It's easy to find the contact info on the web. Do it for yourself, not for me. And God Bless us ALL.

Medical School Landmark: I Drew Blood Today

I was pretty shaky but I did it. Poked a needle in a classmate's arm and actually hit a vein on my first try ever, pulled a tube of blood. I was stoked. She took a stab at my arm too. The needle glanced off the vein but otherwise she was smooth. I am excited because I fully intend to draw and evaluate blood samples in my medical practice. I also totally believe in the value of getting a complete blood panel every year or three. Even if you are totally healthy, it's worth getting them, just for a baseline.