September 22nd, 2008


Sarah Palin: Song Stealer

She was using the Heart song "Barracuda" and the Van Halen song "Right Now" during her campaign, and both bands have issued statements like this one from Ann & Nancy Wilson, saying that "the Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted permission". Palin's son's middle name is Van in tribute to Van Halen, but that didn't sway them. (Source: The Week 9/19/08) Frankly, I have had quite enough trivia already about this woman and I apologize heartily for posting this nonsense.

Autism, Aluminum, and Somalis in Minnesota

The Somali population in Minnesota is have an outrageously high incidence of autism, and Mercola offers his theories as to WHY. According to him, if you combine a dose of mercury sufficient to cause death in 1/100 individuals, with a dose of aluminum also sufficient to cause death in 1/100 individuals, you get a 100% death rate. And the vaccines being administered to poor internationals these days contain both. These Somalis emigrated by way of refugee camps in Kenya and are given the same vaccination more than once due to poor record-keeping. The Somalis are providing 16% of the autistic children in special ed classes in Minnesota. Too bad for them.

No More Mammograms for THESE Boobs

I don't know if you heard about the recent study that showed that women who do regular breast self exams don't have any fewer cancer deaths, but they do get a whole lot more biopsies...I posted about it. It was a big study, and pretty convincing.

Now Mercola is writing about another new study that shows that mammograms are useless as well. I kind of suspected that mammograms might be bunk, when I was railroaded into a government program (the Wellwoman program) by which federal moneys were used to pay for my breast squashing several times when I had some lumps in my breasts.

I knew that my breast lumps were normal for me---I get lumps when I drink coffee. But the "healthcare worker" did not listen to me, referred me, and urged me to follow up. Against my own best interests I followed medical advice and got my 4x squishings and ultrasounds in less than two years, only to find out that I did not in fact have cancer. Which is too bad for those who make tons of money "treating" breast cancer, but hurrah for me. So anyway, after all this I have decided that I am going to forcibly decline any future "help" with my breast health unless I think that there is something wrong! I am the leading authority on my body!! I know my breasts better than any machine or doctor or examiner could, and I am sticking to my "guns" better from now on.