September 15th, 2008


Day 1 of Year 2

OK, I'm back at school. It's been cleaned up, parts are repainted and floors look better...but basically the same. First lecture on skin conditions was organized and excellent. Hoping for more like that! Brace yourself for a barrage of medical terms in's how I study. I won't be offended if you don't read it, mind you.

The Cat Chronicles

Came home on my bike, about 9:15 pm after finishing my security shift at the school. Kitten greeted me in the driveway, but then the invader cat (that I threw down the stairs yesterday) was on MY porch. It came out making its rough sound and kitten ran off, hissing. She's scared of THAT thing? Bummer. I chased it off---it really ran this time--and eventually, after I had the door unlocked and was halfway in, the kitten showed up again. Once inside I turned on the fan to bring the night air into my hot attic box (aka the Crow's nest), and gave the kitten a thorough petting, but then feeling impatient with the heat and the small space I headed up onto the roof for some night air. Ahhh. Sat down with my backside against the chimney and looked west to lights of the city and the University buildings up on the West Hills. The train horn in the distance was a familiar tone. Kitten came out and joined me. For the first time that I know of, she jumped up onto the brick chimney, and sat down right over my head. I sat there for a while cooling off mentally and physically, and she stayed on the chimney. I stood up and walked around on the roof, feeling soft spots in the tarpaper cover. I came back to the chimney and petted the kitten. I came down in here and turned on the computer.
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