September 11th, 2008


Copper Anniversary of 9/11

Today is seven years after the event which has become known simply as 9/11. I can't deny that this event has had an impact in my life. It was when I realized that that those in power are entirely corrupt, and that we the people do not get much that could be considered factual news. I personally was able to avoid seeing television footage of the event for a couple of years afterward. I did not want to know. I tried to avoid it. But eventually it was in front of me, and what I saw caused me to question everything that I had been told, everything that I had read.
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bafflegab = jargon = "a peculiar kind of language that is unique to public servants who are trying very hard to justify their existence" used in the title of a recent Canadian government report entitled Emergency Preparedness in Canada: How the Fine Arts of Procrastination and Bafflegab Hobble the People Who Will Be Trying to Save You When Things Get Really Bad. According to one of the study authors, Sen. Colin Kenny, the agnecies' jargon serves merely to mask the fact that nothing has to be done.

SOURCE: The Week 9/12/08