September 3rd, 2008


mystery fever is down

For the last two days I've had an unexplained fever, and this morning, finally, it has abated. The headache is mostly gone too, and my muscles and joints, which were so inflamed after that massage, are starting to calm down. I have a slight sore throat, which is kind of a relief, because I wanted to have some reason for the fever and finally one has appeared. I remember when Zwickey said in immunology class that if you "never get sick" you probably have a suppressed immune system. So getting a fever and sore throat is evidence that my immune system is working. This is a good thing. I'm going for a walk now.

Wall Street Journal Mocks Ron Paul Supporters

I found this news clip offensively biased....and also interesting and educational. It was filmed at the rally for Ron Paul that was held opposite the Repugnican neoconvention. The interviewer zooms in on young rEVOLution supporters while they puff on cigarettes, and films them with the tops of theirs heads chopped off. He includes footage of 14 year olds trying to communicate Ron Paul's message. Thank goodness at least some 14 year olds are awake enough to care! The clip insinuates that Ron Paul supporters are in the dark. See here how one media outlet skews Ron Paul's message ("the constitution, stupid") and insults true patriots.