August 24th, 2008


Little White Salmon River

Some of my old river running buddies are now professional whitewater boaters, and they were just out here in the PNW to teach creekin' and run some rivers. I just cruised through their post about our local class V gem, and though I have not run it and may not ever, it is gorgeous to me. Cruise here if you want to see some fine photographs of the gnarly classic creek near Portland.

Birth_control community

I was lurking on the BC community for a couple of days, just seeing what kinds of questions women were asking and what kinds of answers they got. I got in trouble with the first comment that I made, which said there were "no guarantees" about what a BC pill would do for a given woman....because it depends on the woman's hormonal makeup.....and got a snippy reply that oh yes the guarantee is right there in the pill info packet.....I questioned that the hormone-manufacturers (pharmaceuticals) actually give full and accurate info in their pamphlets and got another snippy I unfriended the community. It is disheartening to see young women taking those pamphlets to be the truth. I guess science and judgment have to sit on the bench while advertising and disinformation plays itself out......and while the young women grow up into real women who decide for themselves....and communities that are willing to entertain many points of view are valuable to me....even when those points of view are not in the official literature...

Breast Self Exams Not Always Helpful

New research that followed nearly 400,000 women found that doing vigilant breast self exams and immediately reporting any lumps to a doctor may not be in a woman's best interests. Why not? Well. The women who actually do monthly self exams in the thorough way recommended by modern medicine "rarely find cancer early enough to save lives", however they do end up finding more lumps, and reporting them to more doctors, and getting more biopsies, mammograms, and medical attention--whether they need it or not.
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