July 21st, 2008


The Gay Olympics

A friend of mine lectured me the other day on the history of the Olympics. The first games were somewhere around 3,000 years ago, and lasted for 5 days. They were intended to keep the warriors fit and on their game in times of peace. She said that men competed naked and covered in olive oil in celebration of the human body. She said that they were expected to have sex with the other men, and it sounded as if that was even part of the show. They were to forsake other men when they were married. She also said that virgin females were banned from attending the event, and great efforts were made to keep the proceedings secret from them. Only married women were permitted to attend. I suppose because married women already know something about the animal nature of men, but virgins could be put off. This all makes some sense, but I wonder why I hadn't heard it before. Have you heard about this? I found nothing on the net to corroborate her claims. I did find one site that said the Olympic officials decided to require an athlete's aids also arrive naked, after one young man's mother managed to sneak in to assist him.
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My Bike

my bike my bike
My bike is a Haro. Here it is parked on a garbage can on the East Bank Esplanade. There's a submarine and PDX downtown in the background, and the I-5 double decker bridge above.