July 20th, 2008


School and Grades

I got my grades in the mail yesterday. I passed everything, and was pleased to find that I rated honors in both Immunology and Hydrotherapy. I wasn't even really going for honors, I was just trying to pass. That is a hopeful thing. Having passed all my first year classes, I am now officially an ND2.

The Power of the Word

"The struggle for definition is veritably the struggle for life itself. In the typical Western two men fight desperately for the possession of a gun that has been thrown to the ground: whoever reaches the weapon first shoots and lives; his adversary is shot and dies. In ordinary life, the struggle is not for guns but for words; whoever first defines the situation is the victor; his adversary, the victim. For example, in the family, husband and wife, mother and child do not get along; who defines whom as troublesome or mentally sick?...[the one] who first seizes the word imposes reality on the other; [the one] who defines thus dominates and lives; and [the one] who is defined is subjugated and may be killed." - Thomas Szasz