July 16th, 2008


The Cat Chronicles

Kitten is racing around the livingroom, batting bits of dirt on the slippery almost-wood floor. The lesbian neighbors are getting their yard done. Every week those guys are here trimming and mowing and making the place look like fantasyland. "Cierren la puerta" one of them yells, after the lady yells at him to close the gate, her dog might run away. I would run away too. I did run away. I was going to sunbathe up on the roof but her harsh voice and their mowing was incentive enough to come back inside and braindump instead.
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The Revolution

Ron Paul has more support than you know. This clip was posted by inibo on the LJ Ron Paul list. Looks like yesterday's DC rally was FAR LARGER than I would have expected......I think that the existing candidates are going to be eventually forced BY THE PEOPLE to get a clue about foreign policy and economics. We just have to find a way to insure that our future elections are no longer stolen.

This is 10 minutes of background noise and people walking in the street, gives a sense of the support that Ron Paul has in our country's capital. This is not the whole thing, by any means.