July 7th, 2008


Trip Report: Middle Clackamas

Susan and I floated "Fish to Bob's Hole" today. It's a short class III section. When I ran this section with Carol and Joel during the Riverfest the water was much higher and the run was mostly washed out. Today it was well developed with lots of waves and holes and funny water too. I did two combat rolls right away, one after I got a nearly vertical stern squirt at the putin, and another when I was rushing to offer a bow to Susan when she flipped, and got flipped during my rescue attempt. I rolled up to find her wet exiting, but luckily the shore was not far and we were able to get her out quickly.

I felt shaky in the boat the whole time. Just not stable, not in touch, not secure. The water kept tossing me around and I did not have any confidence in my ability to just plain old stay right side up. My combat rolls were working, but they weren't strong. I'm not the boater I used to be. Bob's Hole looked just fine but I had no desire to go in there.

Obama's going downhill

He's supporting that crappy FISA bill ("to build cred with the security community") and he has decided that he's not above the rest when it comes to taking money....never mind spending limits.....the pundits say he'll do "what it takes to get elected". I still wish for a person who could get elected based on principles instead of on their willingness to bend over. I still pray that he has integrity but he is showing signs of decay.

On Obama's vote, and a telling picture:

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