June 28th, 2008


Fatima isn't fat anymore

I went for a bike ride down to the river today and jumped in. It is the first time I have done that. I think I might keep doing it every day while it is hot. It's a steep ramp down from the bike trail to the dock, but I made it without adding to the skid marks. There were a couple of very fit looking middle aged gents in their calvin klein undies sitting on the side of the dock. One guy was muscly like a body builder and flowing white hair, the other was lean, both were deeply tanned. I walked past them on the dock and dived in, on the shore side, not wanting to risk being out where all the motorboats were playing. It was not quite cold enough to take my breath away, but close. Colder than I expected. The freeze line, I heard on the radio, is at about 15,000 feet, so the last of the snow is melting. I lolled about in the water, back floating and doing spins and breaststroking around. The water seemed quite clean.
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