June 17th, 2008


Intuitive Tuesday Night Walk

I couldn't study anymore. I read the middle half of The Mastery of Love this evening while the sun was still shining into the Crow's Nest, then went for a walk just before it set. Ruiz's writings set my mind at ease. My fear abated, and my love was shining out. I followed the directions that felt right, running at first because the pace of the first song on my ipod was a slow lope. I actually ran for three minutes and felt pretty good, other than slight pain in my left hip. My gut is extra empty from the colonic yesterday, and I felt loose and light after a smoothie for dinner. I looped around and ended up crossing Powell to the north instead of returning home across the wooden bridge over the railroad tracks. On the north side of Powell my heart felt lighter, I don't know why. Collapse )