June 15th, 2008


Nurses Sing the DNR Song

DNR means DO NOT RESUSCITATE. When a patient in the hospital is in very bad shape, and everyone including them knows they are going to die soon no matter what medical miracles are applied, it is a great relief to see a DNR order on their chart. No one wants to use horribly violent measures to save a life that is on its way out anyway, but if there is no DNR order, the hospital staff is required by law to do CPR etc on you if your heart stops. This version is sung by a few acute care nurses, and sung to Rockstar by Nickelback. It expresses the sentiment of having had quite enough medical care already, and wishing to be allowed to live and die in peace. And it's pretty cute. "We all just wanna be a DNR."

Ron Paul talks sense as usual

ABC News: Ron Paul talks with Tom Abrahams (6/13/08). In this interview Dr Paul re-confirms that he won't be endorsing McCain until/unless McCain changes his positions on the war and the economy, expresses his continuing surprise and gratitude at the outpouring of support, and at the fact that the youth of today are ready to act to bring our government back into adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Little Bitta Buddha

In all things be a master
Of what you do and say and think.
Be free.
Are you quiet? Quieten your body.
Quieten your mind.
By your own efforts
Waken yourself, watch,
And live joyfully.
Follow the truth of the way.
Reflect upon it.
Make it your own.
Live it.
It will always sustain you.

- Buddha from the Dhammapada