June 14th, 2008


Harold Washington: Twenty Years after his Death

Listening to an old This American Life program (you can download them online) called Harold. It's about the first black man to serve as governor, in Chicago. It gives a little bit of history about Democracy in our country that gives me hope for Obama. Harold was "fairer than fair" and gradually began to win over racist whites by being a plain old human being, by doing his job, by really being fair. When he said it was "our turn", it really was. I am getting ready to step up myself, and claim a turn. Harold was a hero of Obama's, and just knowing this bit of history and knowing that Obama is aware of it gives me hope. It is our turn.

Go get the link yourself if you care.
I also recommend the TAL program on testosterone.

sexism and marriage

The other day I was musing about the sexist assumption of a neighbor of mine that I am going to medical school to be a nurse. I was caught once by the riddle about the boy's doctor who turns out to be his mother when in my mind the doctor was quite male. I am sexist too, in that I assign roles to people based on gender. It has happened again. A girlfriend told me that she is involved with a married couple. In my mind I saw a man and a woman. But the picture didn't work in my head, because my friend is a lesbian who just doesn't get physically close to men. Never has, doesn't want to. So I couldn't understand how she was hooking up with a married couple, until I saw a picture of the couple, and there they were, a couple of lesbians. Oh. OK, here in Oregon, and in California at least, I guess I'd better stop seeing marriage as a man and a woman. Because I confess, until now, I have. Who gets the word "marriage"? If we were being fairer than fair, we'd share the word too.