June 8th, 2008


Who Shall Be the Lightworker's VP?

Thanks to ngakmafaery for sharing this article. In it Mark Morford of San Fransisco suggests that Obama inspires people not through great speeches or brilliant policy, but because he has a higher energy. Something about his presence blows people away. Perhaps Obama is an exceptional being who touches our higher nature and raises collective consciousness. I believe that he has begun to do that, already. He doesn't know much about foreign policy, but he seems to have an open heart. I still have hope that we will turn back from the precipice.
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Political Matching Game

How I scored today. Mind you, there are some questions in this short quiz for which my idea of an answer is not represented at all.
61% Dennis Kucinich
59% Mike Gravel
58% Ron Paul
53% Chris Dodd
51% Bill Richardson
49% Barack Obama
46% John Edwards
44% Hillary Clinton
44% Joe Biden
44% Mitt Romney
40% Tom Tancredo
38% Fred Thompson
35% John McCain
34% Rudy Giuliani
30% Mike Huckabee

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz