May 30th, 2008


pretending there is no judgment

Someone on my flist has decided to act/speak/think today as if there were no concepts of "good" and "bad" and no words for them either. I am joining him in this experiment. I will spend a day (maybe more) speaking as if there are only descriptive words in my language, and no judgmental ones. Perhaps I can integrate this idea on a permanent basis.

Other experiments already in process:
There is no "try", there is do and do not.
There is no "should", there is only IS.

The Cat Chronicles

The kitten requires attention to dine. She meows whenever I am in the kitchen, and then chatters at me until I follow her into the pantry, where her food is on a high shelf. She looks back over her shoulder and entices me to go with her, and once on the shelf she dines eagerly while I pet her. I don't understand why she has such glee at getting attention precisely while she is eating. She just does.
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