May 28th, 2008


Synthesis Tangents

Practiced yoga at the school this morning. Was up before 6am. Mind is going. I believe that there is a biological link between the strength of the core and the experience of BEING. Notice how all the really brilliant, centered people all sit up so straight? Walk so tall? Having a strong core and an aligned spine links, I think, into our limbic systems, into the most primitive part of our brains. Walking resets the emotions. Terry male says I have an overactive amygdala which is what causes me to have religious experiences. Brons says the amygdala is all about fear and aversion, anxiety, fear conditioning, antinociception and autonomic adjustments. Religious experiences, fear and aversion. I wonder where awe falls into that mix.
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Zwickey 5/15 lecture on the GUT

--the GI tract has 400 square meters of surface area and over 500 species of bacteria
--less TLR's on macrophages and DC's in gut
--some enteric microbes no longer bind TLR's (bifidus)
--food in lumen crosses mucosa to peyers patches, mesenteric lymph nodes
--peyers patches and mesenteric lymph nodes constitute 80% of a person's immune system
--always active
--eating oil with food causes it to be absorbed lower in the tract, increasing the odds of allergy because there are more allergens down there
--TGFbeta is the 2nd signal to shut down T cells ???
--M cells are between peyers patch and lumen
--M cells transport food via endosome to PP
--epithelial cells also take in food, have MHC-I
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