May 27th, 2008


New Group, New Drum, New Neighbor

Just got home, nearly 8pm, long day. Did OK on the microbiology test. Not great but good enough. Fish tacos are in the oven. There are small black ants on my desk and I kill each one that I see and put it in the trash. So much for utter nonviolence. From 5-7pm I attended the first meeting of a support group suggested by a classmate. The theme is intimate relationships, making them work, keeping them right. Five of us were there and we each had an opportunity to share some of our story and get some feedback. I was glad the group was small. S said that some 20 people had responded to his email to say they were interested. So 1/4 showed. Not bad. There were two of us there for whom nonviolent communication is an important tool, and I think we will probably end up doing a presentation about it to the rest of the group. I would like to teach NVC. It is a favorite.
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