May 20th, 2008


The Cat Chronicles: Ruminations

Since Suzanne left I've had house guests and a lot going on besides school. There was a test today in Organ Systems that probably dropped my average but not enough to worry about passing. My last houseguest is leaving this evening. It was nice to have friends around for a few days, and it will be nice to just focus on school until the end of the quarter.
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Tonight's Walk

I needed that. Bad. I walked about an hour and into some new terrain. I am home just before darkness. I listened to music and walked as fast as the music, only skipping a couple songs because they were too slow. I feel as if my feet are freed from concrete, and I can breathe the air again. I had felt I was under water. I had felt my teeth would fall out from my jaws not matching. I had shoulders so tight there was pressure between my ears. Walking is how I get the tension out, and I was not walking enough. Just walking to school is not enough, not because it is too short, but because I am carrying a pack. I can't get the tension out while carrying a pack. I must be able to twist my body, to swing my arms, to stand up straight and in balance, to spring forward on my toes and let my hips sling loose. I love to walk. It is about the only thing between me and chaotic oblivion.

I found Yoko's, the recommended Sushi bar on Gladstone. I will go there. My mercury levels are getting low. The prices were normal, it had a collegey feel with picnic tables outside. It was about half full.

Medical Marijuana User Denied Kidney Transplant

Interesting news item. The title definitely slants the story. At the end of the article they say that this man's marijuana use was not the only "factor" in the decision, that they don't give transplants to people who smoke anything, and that they also consider any history of substance abuse or addiction. They don't say that he has such a history, they just say that they consider it. If that's not slander, it is certainly suggestive. I would not be surprised if he is a pothead who is working the system. Check out the picture.