May 13th, 2008


Last Year's Immunology Test

1. The following article was published this May in the Journal of
Clinical Immunology:

"Recurrence of autoreactive antigen-specific CD4+ T cells in
autoimmune diabetes after pancreas transplantation
CD4+ T cells specific for the diabetes-associated autoantigen GAD65
were analyzed using peripheral blood samples after pancreas
transplantation in subjects with T1D with clinical evidence of
recurrent autoimmune diabetes. Comparisons of TCR clonotypes by cDNA
sequencing revealed that identical T cells were present in the
circulation, separated by long time intervals, consistent with a
persistent memory response associated with recurrent autoimmunity."

Which cell and receptors are responsible for identifying the new
pancreas as foreign with the CD4 cells? What is alloreactivity?
Describe the cascade of events leading to the recurrence of
autoimmunity post-transplantation.
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Immunology: Practice Midterm from Zwickey

1. Little Efram is highly susceptible to skin infections. You suspect that he has a problem with his defensins. Tell him about defensins-- what they do, how they work, etc. (5 pts) What could you do (if you had a laboratory) to test if defensins are truly missing on the Efram's skin? (2 pts)
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