May 5th, 2008


Obama's Mistake

With all the media squabble about Obama's attempts to distance himself from his preacher of 20 years, I can't help but to think this all sounds too familiar. It reminds me of Kerry's campaign, when he made the mistake of saying that less-educated American youths end up "stuck in Iraq". It was true, but he backpedalled his ass off trying to shed the implication that he was "anti-troop" or some such BS. Now it has come to light that Obama's preacher calls America's actions in the world "terrorism" and even though it is true, it is completely unacceptable to say so. So Obama is trying with all his might to avoid the implication that he also believes that our actions in the world are unrepentantly aggressive and self-serving. But I believe he does. And I also believe that he was correct in his assessment that many voters are "bitter" and "cling" to various schools of thought to shelter themselves from the storm of BS that they get from the media.

The shame of it is that to be a "successful" politician one absolutely must avoid the naked truth. To speak or be associated with the truth is "political suicide". This is proof to me of the cynical saying that politicians are like diapers and must be changed regularly for the same reasons. The only person now running for president who speaks the truth, consistently and without regard for media condemnation, is Ron Paul. I pray that enough "bitter" and less educated voters recognize the truth in "stuck in Iraq" and "American terrorism" to discredit the constant barrage of spin against the truth.

I wish that Obama had thrown his arms around Wright (his preacher) and said "YES this man speaks the same truth that I understand. LISTEN to him, and decide for yourself." Obama has declined several notches in the esteem of both sides; those who see the truth of our situation, and those who pretend that it is other than what it is.

Ron Paul Update

1) His book is a best seller already
2) He's still in the race, has plenty of money and is gaining support
3) He thinks Obama would "expand the war the least" among Clinton, McCain and Obama
4) He won't be endorsing McCain because he disagrees with his platform

Here's the CNN interview: