March 18th, 2008


Recipe: Southwest Slaw (serve with Buffalo Burgers)

Ingredients for last night's new concoction:
green cabbage, chopped (1/4 head)
fresh jalapeno, slivered (1 pepper, seeds and stem removed)
fresh cilantro, stems and all, chopped (1 bunch)
sour cream (3 oz)
mayo (2 squirts)
ranch dressing dry mix (1/7 pkg)

Adjust amounts to suit yourself.
Mix the above ingredients and pile it on your buffalo burger.

Ron Paul Supporters Stopped Naturopathy Bill in Colorado

Here's my question, to the Ron Paul supporters and other Libertarians out there:
Why was this bill (Colorado HB 1064) blocked? Specifics would be useful.
Can you envision a licensure bill for Naturopathic Physicians in your state that would not trigger the anti-socialism patrol?
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