March 10th, 2008


Biochemistry: Vitamins and Minerals

1. Vitamins: small, low molecular weight, organic mols required for normal function, most we don't synthesize, classified as fat or water soluble.

Which vitamins are derived from isopentenyl pyrophosphate? Vitamin A (terpene), D, E, K, cholesterol
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Gall Bladder Attack: Referred Pain

--most common: right side of the neck & shoulder & around the shoulder blade
--second most common: along a thin band from the lateral lower right ribs to the lower pole of the right scapula (could also signal appendicitis)
--sometimes in the middle between the shoulder blades
--pain mid-center beneath the rib cage can be gallbladder or appendicitis

--onset: after a meal
--can come and go or be constant
--may be sharp, excruciating or dull
--may also occur especially at night
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