March 8th, 2008


Is that a real smile or a fake one?

Test your ability to tell the difference, thanks to the BBC, at: I can tell that John McCain's smile is phoney, and so is the smile of Bill Richardson. I wouldn't mind politicians and their fake smiles to much if they weren't plastered all over. Hints for recognizing real and fake smiles are behind the cutCollapse )

Ron Paul presidential candidacy NOT officially finished

In spite of the media coverage claiming that Ron Paul has bowed out, and my being initially convinced, it is not true! He is "staying the course" (not HIS words) to the end, winning as many delegates as possible, and planning ahead for his next term in Congress. The Revolution isn't over.

Ron Paul's book; 'The Revolution: A Manifesto,' can be pre-ordered on He will continue to raise money for his political action committee and his educational nonprofit, the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE).

Ron Paul's words to his supporters: "Let us all stick together in this great cause of liberty and show the love that we all share for our country and the Constitution. Thank you for joining in."

Microbiology: Fungal Infection from a CAT BITE


These notes are with regard to a case I know of a woman who was bitten in her hands by a cat and 8 years later still has inflammation in the bitten knuckles. Most people acquire this infection via a small wound from a single thorn stick (rose gardeners), not direct innoculation into a joint. But this is what I think is going on, and why.
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