March 5th, 2008


Ruminations on Medical Education and Springtime

I just finished taking the 4th exam in organ systems, on the digestive system. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the GI, and look forward to the next round! Gut health is a modifiable key to overall health. I did OK on the exam, there were a few questions (as usual) that I answered by deductive reasoning, and because my knowledge base is spotty, my deductions can lead me to quite wrong answers. No worries. It is all beginning to plug into the big picture.
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Economics: Feel Good or Cold Hard Facts?

Great article here about medicare and the cancerous economic mess that our leading presidential candidates don't dare mention:

Swiped, unchecked factoids:

Obama’s economist is Austan Goolsbee, a brilliant Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD at Chicago Business School and a valuable source of free-trade advice over almost a decade

Mrs Clinton’s campaign boasts of no professional economist, rather her trade advisers are pro-union, anti-globalisation --from the Economic Policy Institute and the AFL-CIO union federation.