March 4th, 2008


Vocababble: Digestive System

BER = base electrical rhythm, cycles of depolarization that originate in the stomach and spread via gap junctions among the cells of the digestive tract (electrical impulses traveling among cells like the syncytium of the heart). They rhythm is 3-12 pulses per minute. The stomach muscles contract from these depolarization cycles, but the rest of the digestive tract requires additional stimulus to generate an action potential to stimulate smooth muscle contraction
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Ron Paul and Ralph Nader

Ron Paul is functionally out of the race for US president unless McCain implodes (which his fake smile implies he might do at any time), but Dr. Paul has won the primary for re-election to his congressional seat for Texas. Also in the last week, Nader said that if the Democrats can't pull off a landslide over the Republicans this year, they might as well hang it up. He's running for president again because he says both parties aren't telling the truth. I couldn't agree more. More power to both Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. And a tip of the hat to Paul Wellstone. Be careful out there, truth speakers.