February 20th, 2008


The Darkness

Haven't really posted in a while. I've been under the weather. Not sure what's the matter, but something isn't right. Too tired. Barely keeping up with school. Today I probably didn't pass the organ systems test. I checked my answers and counted up, and I was unsure about more than half of the questions. Not a good average.

At least I don't have a test tomorrow. I needed a night off. There's a full moon tonight, and an eclipse. Should be complete right about now. Going outside to see.

Biochemistry: Amino Group Metabolism, Heme Metabolism

What are the inputs and outputs from the amino acid pool?
--Inputs: diet, stomach digestion, pepsinogen, pancreatic enzymes, intestinal processing, absorption, turnover of endogenous proteins
--Outputs: excretion, protein building in fed state, aa catabolism during a fast
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