February 12th, 2008


Microbiology: Dysentery

dysentery = (formerly known as flux or the bloodie flux) is frequent, small-volume, severe diarrhea that shows blood in the feces along with intestinal cramping and tenesmus (painful straining to pass stool). Additional symptoms frequently associated with dysentery include fever and malaise. Possible causes incl
cancer, micro-orgs, steroids......Most common bugs are Shigella, Campylobacter jejuni and Salmonella. Responds to absorbable and parenteral antibiotics. Might be invasive. Treatment is metronidazole for amoebic cases, but campylobacter, shigella and salmonella respond to ciprofloxacin or macrolide antibiotics. Dysentery killed Gautama Buddha, Kings Louis VIII and IX of France, and many of the Cherokees who walked the Trail of Tears to the Arkansas Oklahoma border.

But I digress.
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Ron Paul won in Washington state

I got busy with school and forgot to say anything but.... last week in a very small Republican turnout Dr Paul took 25%, Huckabee got 21% and McCain got 17%. I forgot the rest. It's the first time Ron Paul has "won" a state. Too bad Oregon's primary isn't until April or May. Dr Paul is continuing to campaign even though it is obvious at this point that he has zero change of getting the nomination. He continues because this is his opportunity to speak out and promote a Constitutionalist platform for the future. There is a movement afoot. It is still being discounted and ignored, but it is alive and well and will not wilt due to mockery. Lots of people who were previously completely disenchanted with politics have become excited because of Ron Paul. I am one of those who sees his brand of common sense, and his willingness to discuss ideas, as hopeful for our salvation. Granted, common sense flies in the face of mountains of doublespeak and oceans of money, so there's work to do. But there's hope. He gave me hope. And I'm not the only one.